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“I'm going through a really tough time dealing with so many things that I've lost count. I asked my Life Expert for her help and she delivered! She told me what to look out for, and best of all, exactly when things will finally return to normal. I can't wait.”
- Carmen F.
Who are Life Experts?

Life Experts are real people. They’re also Master Astrologers who possess decades of training and expertise in all fields of Astrology and Numerology.

You can browse our Life Experts’ profiles. Then choose one to provide you with deep, meaningful insight on anything that’s puzzling you about your personalized AstrologyLife reports (including your Life Map, Life Forecast and Life Numbers).

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How Can a Life Expert Help Me?
Life Experts are ready and waiting to bring more clarity, understanding and peace into your life in less than 24 hours. Simply ask any question prompted by any of your AstrologyLife reports, and you’ll get an in-depth and personalized answer from a real Master Astrologer.
For example, you may be wondering…
What part of staying healthy should I focus on right now… exercise, nutrition or medicine?
Is now a good time or a challenging time for my most important relationship?
What differences are there between how people perceive me and who I really am?
Can you expand on whether I’m naturally blessed or challenged with… finances, love, business, or friendships?
What are the best ways for me to reduce stress and anxiety at this point in my life?
How can I motivate myself to accomplish more?
Can you give me more clarity on my destiny?
My report mentions career and business opportunities. What can I expect in the year ahead?
These or any question you have will help you understand yourself, your past, present or future - beyond the wisdom already inside your AstrologyLife report.
Your Life Expert will treat you with empathy, kindness and respect, while providing you the clarity, confidence and understanding you seek.
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Money Back Guarantee
Money back guarantee

Ask a Life Expert for answers to the biggest questions in your life today, risk-free. Take up to 90 days to soak up every shocking detail revealed to you. Follow their guidance to improve almost every area of your life.

If you're not completely blown away, just request a refund within 90 days of purchase, and you'll get a prompt 100% refund – without any grief.

How Can a Life Expert Help Me?
Get expert insights in 3 simple steps:
Choose a Life Expert to answer your question.
Type in your question and click submit.
On the Checkout page, process your payment to have your personalized question answered.

Within 24 hours, your Life Expert will read your question and study your AstrologyLife report(s). They will provide you a unique, in-depth answer to your question.

Your answer will arrive by email and appear in your AstrologyLife account as well. If you need some additional help to clarify some part of their answer, let the Life Expert know.