What Is My Destiny?
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Events that will happen to you this year
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“I was a total skeptic, but there's got to be something behind it all. There's no way anyone can know this much about me without a tip off.”
- Alex S.
What Is My Life Numbers Report?

Your Life Numbers report is a 20+ page PDF report that paints a crystal clear picture of who you are and how to improve your life, based on the power of numbers and the science behind them.

There are 5 numbers in your report… each is based on the numerical representation of your full name and birthday, date, time and location of birth.

Each number is followed by detailed explanation of who you are, your potential, and how you can use this insight to determine the best time to make major choices in your life… when to invest, marry, travel, change jobs, relocate, and much more.

What’s Inside Your Life Numbers Report?
Module 1
Your Personal Year Number

Your personal year number changes each year and represents where you are in a 9-year cycle. This module reveals what you'll encounter THIS YEAR.

Inside, you’ll receive guidance on how to build teams, ideas and structure in your life, so you can reap the rewards of your labor this year and through the rest of your 9-year cycle.

Module 2
Your Personal Path Number

This one number reveals how you see yourself. It plays an important role in and how you make decisions.

The clarity laid before you in this module will help you make wise choices that are in line with your personality, characteristics and unique skills.

Module 3
Your Spiritual Path Number

Also known as your “Destiny” number, it explains what the world thinks of you and gives you solid direction about what you’re meant to be doing in your life.

Here, you’ll discover the secrets to unlocking your powers and strengths on a spiritual plane so you can happily live your life’s true purpose.

Module 4
Your Karmic Path Number

This number represents the life lessons you haven’t yet learned and are destined to repeat until you do. It helps you understand the patterns in your life and break unhealthy habits.

Follow this wisdom to use your mistakes and character traits to become stronger and more successful at home, at work, in your relationships and within yourself.

Module 5
Your Outer Personality Number

This number depicts how you show yourself to others, how they see you and what they expect of you.

Devour this insight to help you achieve your goals using your personality, attitude, body language, habits, even the clothes you wear.

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